Saturday, December 29, 2012


Watercolor on
Arches 300 lb cold press
11 x 7.5
$125. Unframed
Teresa Beyer

Somewhere the soul must stand naked to the Truth

If the artist suppressed all spiritual emotion, he would never be a great artist. In art, we call this emotion temperament; in oratory, we call it inspiration; and in purely spiritual things, we call it Illumination. Somewhere the soul must stand naked to the Truth, if it is to receive It in all Its fullness. There must be an outlet as well as an inlet, if there is to be a continual flow. “Quench not the Spirit,” but let the intellect decide to what the emotions are to respond. This is the secret of a well-balanced life.

            “Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” We are not to be afraid of strange ideas or doctrines, but are to prove them and accept only that which is true. We are to analyze, dissect and investigate until we know the Truth and then hold fast to It. In this way, all advance must come, whether in science, philosophy, religion or anything else. Science of Mind 497.5 - 498.5 Earnest Holmes

Keeping the Brushes Wet

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