Saturday, July 28, 2012


Watercolor on 300 lb Arches Paper
10.25 x 7.5
Teresa Beyer

My divorce was final on 07/27/12.

It is a bittersweet feeling ~ an end to a very passionate ~ Love/Hate relationship. In the end we were nothing more than tolerant of each other.

I am free to move forward untethered and alive, a free woman living somewhere in Ventura County of California.

I have written some lyrics on the mask painting from the artist Madonna’s song “Take a Bow.” Below in bold is what I chose to write.

Take a bow, the night is over
This masquerade is getting older
Light are low, the curtains down
There's no one here
There's no one here, there's no one in the crowd

Say your lines but do you feel them
Do you mean what you say when there's no one around no one around
Watching you, watching me, one lonely star
One lonely star you don't know who you are


I've always been in love with you
I've always been in love with you
Guess you've always known
You took my love for granted,

why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye

Say good-bye bye bye, say good-bye

Make them laugh, it comes so easy
When you get to the part
Where you're breaking my heart breaking my heart
Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown
Just make 'em smile the whole world loves a clown
Wish you well, I cannot stay
You deserve an award for the role that you played role that you played
No more masquerade, you're one lonely star
One lonely star and you don't know who you are


Say good-bye bye bye, say good-bye

All the world is a stage
And everyone has their part has their part
But how was I to know which way the story'd go

How was I to know you'd break
[You'd break, you'd break, you'd break]
You'd break my heart

I've always been in love with you
[I've always been in love with you]
Guess you've always known
You took my love for granted, why oh why
The show is over, say good-bye


Say good-bye [bye bye], say good-bye
Say good-bye

Friday, July 20, 2012

White Flower

White Flower
11 x 15
Teresa Beyer

For me there is no escaping the lush sensuality of a flower. What else can I do? I have not other choice that to paint and translate this beautiful image.

As I plan my move the studio is the last to be packed ~ the first to be unpacked.

Preparing for my first ever garage sale ~ parting with much heavy baggage, starting new ~ fresh and light.

California here I come, right back where I started from ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Evil

No Evil
7.5 x 11
Mixed Media
Teresa Beyer

Composed and Tranquel
            She ~             Hears no evil
                        Speaks no evil
                        Sees no evil

Everywhere she is
            Everywhere she goes
                        She sees the God in all

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Freedom Mask

Freedom Mask
Watercolor on 300 lb paper
Mixed Media

Motivated and inspired by Celebration of Independence day here in the U.S. was my approach for this piece.

Freedom from Yesterday,

Perfect Day

Happiness are mine and yours

All is well
And unfolding as it should

Doesn’t it feel
Good to know!

Keeping the brushes wet,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Celebration Mask

Celebration Mask
7 x 7

Celebrating my growing and regaining sense of appreciation and awe.  This sense of child like wonder, which was lost for a while, is now returning.


city streets
country roads
enjoying life’s simple pleasures and
simply glorious treasures.

Appreciating familiar paintings I know so well ~ while exploring artistic expression and technique with different mediums, moods, colors and words ~ I so want to explore and learn, the artist. The Artist within celebrates.

Having weathered a crisis I am now celebrating and finding
A stronger
more evolved me

I am changing and growing into
a happier
And independent me

To sort

Bringing order into my world again,
Creating my world and who and what I choose to surround myself with.

My World is Good.
The World is God.

Celebrate Joy
With me

Teresa Beyer