Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The other Half

As you can see I was busy creating a new business card, (above) I also worked on a post card, I think I will use them like big business cards.

I decided to paint the other half of the sunflower, I want to display it differently, and I'm still not quite sure how I will go about doing that. I will post once that is all figured out.

I have also created a new blog address - http://tbeyer.blogspot.com/

"Tip Toe"

I have been working on contrast- I have a tendency to in a medium value, I'm trying hard to break away from that.

I photographed a bouquet of tulips Todd brought home the other day. I was so taken by the simple vase, and the entire simplicity of the image. The flowers were fading fast so I took several photographs of them. The one or two images I snapped of the back lighting were so exciting that I just had to do a painting.

Before I began my drawing I wanted to create a boarder so I placed archival artist masking tape around the perimeter of the paper.

In this piece not only was I focused on the light and dark, I also had the challenge of painting a back lit painting. Something I have never really done before. I am thrilled with my results! Back Lit - is where the light is coming from behind. I like cast shadows, most of my paintings will have the light coming from either side.

I then wanted the flowers to really pop! So I chose a color opposite the yellow on the color wheel, purple. I mixed French Ultramarine Blue (FUB) with Alizarin Crimson for this deep violet.

I was so pleased with the results of this painting - I'm going to pull my view back a little to include a few more of the tulips.