Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The painting Lilliana was finished . . .  BUT I still wanted to do – a haunted piece. “The Midsummer Nightmare.” A canvas print of the piece sounded like the perfect solution (I didn’t want to take the risk of ruining what I thought was a good finished piece). Embellishing a print is a common practice among artist. When the print was delivered (with some very subtle photoshoping) I was thrilled with the result.

Not only is the original for sale I can also provide prints and cards as well.
So I’m off to work on the gallery wrapped canvas print, allowing me to create another original deriving from a print of an original!
So yummy and exciting!

The piece on the left is the original, the one on the right is the canvas print.

Friday, July 18, 2014



In June of – I went to First Friday in downtown San Jose where we celebrated “The 7th Annual SubZERO Festival 2014.
                  It was such a fun art street scene, there were several stages that rotated some talented musicians, art work, two and three dimensional as well as live art lined the closed off street on both sides in parking lots and on the sidewalks.
                  David my SO took pictures of a haunting and mesmerizing live act. Seeing these I quickly set about doing a painting and focused on one of several of the live artist. In the beginning of the painting I started to get a feeling or mood going on. Like she should be creepy, a Halloween type of creepy inspired from watching the Showtime thriller  “Penny Dreadful.”
                  Then something that rarely happens happened. While painting a title came into my head “A Midsummer’s Nightmare.” Yes I was experiencing a bit of a Dorian Gray scenario excluding my soul but I was definitely obsessed.
                  The painting progressed . . . only she wasn’t haunting or icky. She was strange and wonderful and then a worm was eating away in my head – a song by MaMuse “Lilliana.”

Lilliana in search of what she once knew to be true
Once . . . upon a time
I knew the earth was mine
And she knew I belonged to her
And I knew I belonged to her

And so Lilliana was created and completed.
(Plus my granddaughter’s name is Lily)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


22 x 15
Teresa Beyer

“Once upon a time
I knew the earth was mine

And she knew I belonged to her
And I knew I belonged to her”
Ma Muse