Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Light and Dark

Light & Dark

Inspired by a FaceBook post by Cheryl Graham. I set about expressing my vision of this (Fear & Faith). And once again, I visited a cemetery finding the inspiration for Fear from a headstone. As was once found in my painting Angel of Grief.

The image of Faith & Light was another story. In so many meditations we envision the light coming in through our crown chakra - washing and bathing us in a white light. Exploring how I might express this I was also very much experiencing the loss of my father-in-law of 20 years, Henry Beyer. Also in the same time frame we as a nation experienced the gruesome loss of 20 children and six adults in a massacre.

Wanting to express a faith as we move through this huge loss as a nation as well as our own private losses we encounter in a lifetime I incorporated it in the painting of Light/Faith as love. Spirit Orbs of love flowing into light that they see and know.

And then finally mounting both pieces into a 3/D piece.

15 x 34.5 x 2


Keeping the Brushes Wet . . .

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