Tuesday, December 11, 2012


7.5 x 11.5
Watercolor/mixed media
300 lb Arches cold press
Teresa Beyer

The truth shall set us free. No longer having to remember secrets or lies, keeping the story straight.

Lets go further and investigate the truth on a deeper spiritual level.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
(Romans 12:2)
Could this mean a conscious thought that pours truth into the channels of creative energy, renewing the body and healing the mind. Releasing old ideas and concepts of disease and failure. Replacing them with liberty, freedom, health, harmony and success. Knowing the body heals as the inner mind transforms. False images are renewed by images of the truth.

Is it the ego sitting on our shoulder feeding us lies of not being good enough? That keeps us sheltered in a false sense of fear. Be afraid very afraid.

Afraid of living a life of love, seeing light and love in everyone and everything? How can that be scary? Living the life you have always dreamed of? How can this be the truth for those who live surrounded by war, famine and disease?

We see this truth in the remarkable film starring Roberto Benigni who accomplishes the impossible in this World War II comedy ~ Life is Beautiful. Ahaunting comedy is shaped out of the tragedy of the Holocaust. A Jewish man with a wonderful romantic sense of humor uses this same truth to protect his son in a Nazi death camp.

And so you see our minds are very powerful ~ capable of creating a reality of our choosing. Does that also mean we are creating a false sense of reality?

Oh dear God
~ lets just say ~
to thine own self be true.

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