Friday, March 9, 2012

Blue Landscape

3.9.12 Friday Fun Day It is cold and rainy here in San Antonio, TX and I have a lot of left side brainwork planned for the rest of the day. So I thought I would review and practice watercolor techniques and just play ~~~~ working from Joye Moons book “Exploring Textures in Watercolor.” • Using only one color ~ ultramarine blue. • I first drew in the horizon line. • Painted the sky wet into wet ~ starting at the top. • When the paint from the sky had dried a bit I created the tree line. • Wanting to force a burst of water I added clear water to the trees trying to create an organic edge. This was successful on the second tree from the left. The others just kind of fizzed and faded. • I then dry brushed in the foreground. • Then the fence posts were added ~ the closest one being the darkest and working from dark to light. Larger to smaller. To give a sense of depth. • And then the tree was painted in originally using a palette knife, but I just couldn’t get enough paint on the knife to get any good movement so I introduces a # 10 round paint brush. I still used the knife to create some texture. And voila ~ a Friday Fun Day painting! And now into the office.

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