Friday, March 16, 2012


Betta Watercolor 7 x 7 $35. To purchase click here This is a painting of my fish John Singer Sergent, a beautiful and hardy little betta. At a little over a year old, John traveled in a large jar stuck in a box with an assortment of other precious cargo. It was August of 2011 and I was moving from Prescott, AZ to San Antonio, TX. It was a three-day trek with record high temperatures. John traveled and stayed in the jar for three days. With no food and left in the car at night while I slept in a hotel room. This may border on abuse and yes I did feel guilty but with my three little dogs, well they needed to be walked and fed and so did I. So he took a back seat even though he was really on the front floorboard of the car. So anyway once in San Antonio ~ I pulled out the little jar afraid of what I might find and much to my relief, John was haggard and worn out and very much alive. He spent the next three days on the dresser feeding twice a day while I looked for a place to rent. John is pushing two years old. I’m not sure how long betta’s live ~ he’s looking a little worn and very active. He can almost be hand fed and is a lively little desk companion.

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