Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Strawberry Festival

Having been away for sooooo long, I’m ready to get started.
Recently I entered a painting to the Vista, CA ~ Strawberry Festival poster competition. My piece took second. 

Strawberries in Glass Bowl
Watercolor on 140 cold press paper
11 x 15
Teresa Beyer

After entering this show I went out of town for several days completely forgetting about the show. It didn’t take first for the poster but I’m very pleased with second.
After being away ~ and making several moves in the past couple of years I now find myself in the San Francisco Bay area, the Silicon Valley. Re~establishing myself as an artist in a new and very talented community with a melting pot of diverse and interesting artist. Well I know I have experience but that doesn’t mean what worked for me in San Antonio, TX will work here.
Feeling my way and staying in the flow.
I entered another show in Palo Alto, CA with this piece and I’m still waiting to hear if it has been accepted.

Spring Blossom
Watercolor on 140 cold press paper
22 x 15
Teresa Beyer

Fingers crossed that it makes its' way into the show offering me as an artist the opportunity to share my work.

As always,
Keeping the brushes wet,

Teresa Beyer

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