Wednesday, December 11, 2013


As I ready for yet another move I look forward to devoting more time to my art and finding my voice. One would think after a lifetime of moves (I think I’ll count them up) that this would get easier.

Traveling to be in a sacred partnership all though filled with joy and promise will undoubtedly be my biggest opportunity for personal growth. With an open heart and mind I gladly step into the arms of my lovers embrace.

I welcome the time to paint again as I find my personal expression while rooting around town and nesting at home.

This is my second move this year. Sad to be leaving my job (for those of you who know me this may shock you) and the people I have met there. Also sad to be leaving this wonderful and magical neighborhood in Studio City where I have met so many dog lovers.

Moving for what I hope is the last time up to the Bay area. Where I will be keeping the brushes wet.


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