Monday, September 30, 2013

Clowns Cry


Who am I?

My ama told me all of my life that this is who I was, who we were.
            Who my brother is . . .
            Who she was . . .
They were all lies

So today I get to decide . . .
Who I am based on the truths I know about myself
Not my family . . .
Not society . . .

So I’m having a private party, just me myself and I!
Celebrating the who I am
The woman I am today, walking a spiritual path, living as much in the moment as I possibly can. To stay focused in the present and confident that I will never be alone again. I see all there is and I am abundant. Letting go of yesterdays regrets and tomorrows worries.
Celebrating the me, myself and I
No longer a clown that Cries

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