Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rock On

Rock On
22 x 15
Watercolour on
Arches 300 lb paper

There is a home in the neighborhood that has this beautiful border of succulents. They have maybe a three-foot retaining wall for the front yard and maybe a three-foot wide boarder of succulents. So while walking it is so easy to admire the landscape.

This little succulent motivated and inspired me because of the similarity in color of the plant and stones and the contrast of texture. The thick soft little petals against the rocks are beautiful opposites. The softness of the plants texture in comparison to the stones and yet they somehow seemed to blend. It just had to be painted.

The piece is almost done ~ almost, I so wanted it to be finished today. I can’t wait to share the finished piece.

With gratitude,
Keeping the brushes wet,

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful Teresa! Whew and looks as though you have some great patience too! It will look amazing when hung on a wall.