Friday, February 24, 2012


2.24.12 15 x 11 Watercolor $125. The Unconscious Invitation When the will and imagination are in conflict the imagination and not the will always wins. We are blessed with many gifts from the Heavens, the two highest gifts are love and creativity. And we are all well endowed with both of these gifts. Love offers us the ability to face life and the many challenges and rewards with the confidence and grace of a God/Goddess. Love also offers us a sense of security, to fully explore who we are and to rise to the occasion of being all we can be. Love offers us peace a true peacefulness to commune within, with nature and with God. Love offers us joy, so that we may truly enjoy living. Creativity is offered to express ourselves as the unique godlings we are. We have been given the best ~ and left alone with these talents to discover who we truly are. Expressing these two gifts is our gift back to God. Never be afraid of this Creative Thing ~ it is the greatest gift of Life. God is all there is.

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