Saturday, December 17, 2011


Passion Watercolor on Arches 300 lb cold press 22.5 x 15.25 Teresa Beyer The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act overturns centuries of jurisprudence, stripping American citizens of their right to be charged and tried in a civilian court of law – to be innocent until proven guilty. The bill authorizes the US military to arrest US citizens merely on suspicion of “belligerent acts” – without being charged or tried - and to imprison them indefinitely in military prisons. Gulag Guantanamo forever. It should come as no surprise that a country notorious for imposing brutal dictatorships on foreign nations would turn against its own population with the same psychopathic force. We are all Bradley Manning now. The looting of America is now complete and all that remains for the unemployed, bankrupt and homeless victims of US pathology is to surrender their freedom to the US military.

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