Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Self Portrait

Self Portraits are interesting. I guess portraits can be translated in many different ways, this one I did of myself while looking in the mirror. Quite dissapointing because I'm largely a vain person, so why wouldn't I draw myself as beautifully as I'm able. Here is what my fellow artist had to say on that. Claudette Loretz-Baker I once was told by my 101 drawing instructor Dr. Hawk that we have a tendency to draw ourselves out of proportion, and exaggerate every line on our face, making ourselves look much older then we are, and some what like an alien. After studying under him for a few semesters his suggestion was to work from a photograph and not a mirror. There is a tendency to stare at ourselves and not see the light we hold. Those word of wisdom have really helped me. Best of luck and keep on drawing.

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